Large Letterpress Prints by Peculiar Images

Large Format Letterpress Prints

Peculiar Images is a one-person battle with stacks of large sheets of fine paper on a 5,000 pounds iron beast (a vintage proof-letterpress), producing woodblock letterpress – and cyanotype prints on sunny days.

None of my prints are “perfect” nor alike from one another. But they would look madly fantastic on your walls if you are good with that. If you like just another ink-jet (aka: giclĂ©e) prints on your walls, my prints are not for you.

They are all dreamed, designed, carved and pressed in a tiny little studio, I call “My Garage”…

Every materials used on the final prints (paper, ink, chemistry) are carefully selected for longevity. As long as they are kept away from direct sunlight (or welding arc), they should “live” with you for a long long time. Cyanotype prints’ natural fading property can be reversed by resting them in a dark place for a week or so.

Prices fluctuate with my mood 🙂 so come back often (but they may keep on rising too).

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The letterpress prints can be purchased at my etsy store here.